Also known as bulk bags, big bags, or jumbo bags, FIBC bags from Modern Fabe are designed to handle and transport a wide variety of bulk materials with utmost ease and efficiency. These large, woven polypropylene bags come in various sizes and configurations, accommodating diverse industries such as agriculture, chemicals, construction, and beyond.

Our FIBC bags are engineered for strength, durability, and flexibility. With load capacities ranging from hundreds to thousands of kilograms, they are perfect for transporting and storing dry bulk goods, powders, granules, or irregularly shaped products. The woven construction ensures integrity under heavy loads, and their design allows for efficient filling, handling, and discharge.

We provide below variants:

FIBC – Corner Loop Bags

Tunnel Loop Bag

Cross Corner Tubular Bags

Single Loop and Two Loop FIBC’s

Q Bags / Baffle Bags

PP Woven Fabrics

PP Woven Sacks

Container Liners