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Quality is the result of careful crafting of the fabric, involving the correct technical measures to give the right hand feel and comfortable wear.


Courteaous treatment to all our customers with timely communication and delivery is our key to success. Happy customers are "Moving Advertisements" for us.


We believe only an excellent fabric can orignate an excellent fashion. Our innovation & creative team brings the best of of them every season.


We only charge for the value given to our customers. And believe in 100% Customer Satisfaction with our fabrics & delivery.

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We are passionate about what we do and constantly drive the development of new products forward to ensure our customers are always one step ahead. It goes without saying that in doing so the sensible use of resources as well as the protection of our environment rank high on our list of priorities.


Capturing the way ahead for our customer with our new and innovative designs of fabric. We are constantly working to grab the best out of the changing fashion to evolve our customers much further than the current market.

Final Product

We believe in delivering the finest of product from our manufacturing units to customer warehouses. And serve the customer with excellent customer experience.


All over the world customers purchase products featuring Modern Fabe fabrics.
Whether in Europe, Africa, America or Asia, every single day more than 10,000 objects are produced using Modern Fabe fabrics.

Why Choose Us

We like to work as per our customer wish with our best products and designs in place.

We are running parallel to the fashion world to create best of designs for our customers. With the correct fashion sense and 25years of experience, we put in the right amount of innovation in our fabrics to make it the world class designs.
The singular policy, which got us here today is the unexceptional quality of our products. We manufacture it with deep precaution and exact measure of processing to give it the right hand feel with rich colour and beautiful design printing.
We make the process easier and as per client's wish to have smoother delivery and best customer experience. As it is said the best #Marketing #Strategy is #CARE. We will take care of you.

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